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Post by Admin on Mon Nov 21, 2016 4:12 pm

Apocalypse Revised has dozens of stealth and detection powers.  The mechanics for them are inconsistent, and a unified systems needs to exist.  In order to preserve the intended power level of gifts and abilities, all detection powers and stealth powers have a power rating.  These ratings are tiered 1 to 3.

If a character is using a stealth gift of a higher tier than tier than a detection gift, the observer gets no test to see that character.

If a character is using a detection gift of a higher tier than a stealth gift, that stealth gift is automatically pierced.

In the case that the tier of the effects are the same, a Mental Challenge. Form bonuses to traits are not included in this total (I'm looking at you, Corax).  Observers retest Investigation, where the hidden retests Stealth and as normal. Ties go to the defender.  If an observer is certain another hidden creature is present (likely because the hidden has done something to draw attention to themselves, such as opening a door within line of sight or attacking), they may attempt to pierce a power one tier higher than normal.  

Normal, unaugmented senses are considered tier 0, and mundane uses of the Stealth ability are also tier 0.  Note: this only applies to a character detecting another character.  The effectiveness of things like recording devices vary from gift to gift and are noted in the gift’s text.

The chart below is for reference, and may not be entirely complete.

0Mundane hiding; CamouflageMundane Senses
1Blur of the Milky Eye; Nightshade TalenHeightened Senses; Whisker Sight
2Invisibility; Blissful Ignorance; Pheobe's VeilScent of Sight
3Cheshire PrankClarity


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