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Post by Admin on Tue Nov 08, 2016 3:57 pm

Guadalupe Hill is a small mountain that starts in Coda Sandalio proper then stretches outside the city limits and up into the sky.

Rumor has it the hill traces back to a group of settlers who chose to stay apart from the main village, building themselves up in relative seclusion. The settlers passed their land down from parent to child, never selling it and never trading it away, which is why no piece of Guadalupe Hill has ever been seen on the open market. Nowadays, travel to and from the settlement on Guadalupe hill is much more common. The buildings there are strange and beautiful, in their own way. Every rooftop is flat and covered in a lush garden. Homes, shops, entertainment areas - all are present in the little self-contained town.

Those who don't live on Guadalupe Hill tend to be wary of staying there after dark. Wolf howls can be heard on the brightest of nights and people remain cautious. Other animals have been seen, on occasion - bear, mountain lion, coyote - but those are usually written off as drunk imaginings.

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