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Post by Admin on Tue Nov 08, 2016 10:06 pm

A large building backs up against the forest on the outskirts of Guadalupe Heights. It appears to be an event space, but no one in Coda Sandalio can recall any formal events being held there.

Great wooden beams support the roof in the style of a viking hall. Many are carved with various Filjya glyphs. Large, heavy tables fill the main space - enough for most of the town to gather at one time.

Tapestries hang on the walls. Some are so ancient that the finer details of the needlework have faded. Others could've been made yesterday. Mottled hides, massive scales, and other trophies from beasts that seem beyond imagination are spaced throughout the hall.

An immaculately clean industrial-size kitchen stretches the width of the hall behind twin oaken doors.

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