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In a Sept so focused on the natural world - the carbon footprint of Guadalupe Heights is virtually zero - the Umbra and the Tellurian are strikingly similar to one another.

Gaian spirits inhabit the hillside. Water and fish spirits play in the lake near the Challenge Mound. Bird and beast spirits frolic in the trees. Air spirits blow through the leaves. Fire spirits hover near the hearths of the homes inside the village. Earth spirits keep tabs on the surface world for the Caern totem under the hill. Weaver spirits help reinforce the patterns of the man-made dwellings. Entropic Wyrm spirits gently clear away the dead to make way for new life.

The Horae heighten the effect of the seasons in the Umbral reflection of the Bawn. The growth of spring is so strong in the Umbra that it causes an itch at the back of one's neck. The heat of summer is always 5-10° hotter in the Umbra. The slow, steady death in autumn weighs heavily on one's soul as soon as one steps across the Gauntlet. The cold, never-ending stasis of winter makes it feel like one might not be able to cross the Gauntlet at all.

Most broods live here in relative harmony, courtesy of the Keeper's ceaseless efforts and keeping opposing broods on opposite sides of the mountain. The peace, though occasionally precarious, holds fast.

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