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Caern of Unity

All Gaian creatures in the Caern heart gain one mental trait.

Caern Totem

The Horae. Said to be the daughters of Helios and Seline, the Horae were four in number, one for each season. The Caern totem appears as a quartet of Grecian women in flowing, gossamer chiton. All are barefoot. Each has an almost unearthly beauty to her. Eiar, guardian of Spring, wears strands of blossoms at her wrists and throat. Theros, guardian of Summer, has ripe wheat woven into her golden locks. Phthinoporon, guardian of Autumn, trails crisp leaves wherever she walks. The flesh of Cheimon, guardian of Winter, glistens with ice crystals.

There is always a leader among the Horae. Who it is varies based on the current season. The leader is who must be addressed when speaking with the Caern Totem.

Caern Information Horae10

Totem Ban

Attention must be paid to an aspect of the Triat during its corresponding season - the growth of spring, the death of autumn, and the stasis of winter. In summer, the Sept must pay extra care to balance all three.

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