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Post by Admin on Wed Nov 09, 2016 3:04 pm

Oaken doors edged in gold leaf form the entrance to a small temple. The building itself seems to exude a sense of peace, wholeness, and contentment. Incense and flowers perfume the interior. Soft chanting or humming can be heard.

Deep, spiritual reverence to the Earth Mother is the defining factor in this place. Guests from Coda Sandalio and beyond have been known to visit the temple in search of enlightenment. It's unclear if the people who upkeep the temple are clergy of some kind or employees. Many guess that they're a combination of the two. Either way, they lead regular classes in guided meditation, focused flexibility training, and quieting the rage inside.

Some people are skeptics who leave with their skepticism in tact; others are devout supplicants who receive the spiritual refreshment they seek. Either way, the temple asks for nothing in return. It gives of itself freely and gratefully accepts the wealth - whatever form that wealth takes - that others bring to it.


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