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Post by Admin on Thu Nov 10, 2016 12:48 am

Sept Alpha - Aaron Petranov, deeded Guiding Light, Adren Homid Silver Fang Philodox
Sept Beta - Mei Suzumiya, deeded Awai Kasai, Shinju Kitsune Kataribe
Master of Challenges - Lucas Sampson, deeded Gaia's Tears, Fostern Homid Child of Gaia Philodox
Caern Warder - Loki's Teeth, Fostern Lupus Get of Fenris Ahroun
Keeper of the Land - Juliusz Gwozdek, deeded Starstone, Verden Homid Gurahl Kieh
Den Parent - Jenny Cloud, deeded Feather's Quiet Wisdom, Fostern Homid Uktena Ragabash
Ritesmaster - Peadar Ó Conchobhair, deeded Covered in Spirits, Adren Homid Fianna Theurge
Gatekeeper - Sokta's Insight, Fostern Lupus Stargazer Ragabash

Eldest Council
Champion - Al Smith, deeded That's Close Enough, Fostern Metis Bone Gnawer
Judge - Beth Ingleside, deeded Truthscanner, Fostern Homid Glasswalker
Mystic - Government Cheese, Tava Rodens Ratkin
Pathfinder - Elise Jenkins, deeded Piercing Darkness, Fostern Homid Shadow Lord
Songmaster - Judas Haik, deeded Whispering Wind, Adren Homid Silent Strider

All Sept Officers must be vetted and approved by the Horae. If anyone who is not accepted for residency by the Horae attempt to claim a Sept position, it will personally anger the Caern totem.

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