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Blood & Harmony uses a modified mechanic for how Garou and Fera spend Rage for extra actions.  This has been adapted from the Laws of the Wild (Original Publishing) rules and are being used to better regulate the flow of combat rounds while helping ensure better parity between Kinfolk, Garou and Fera.

Replace the line “You can spend Rage to gain extra actions in a turn; however, you cannot spend more Rage Traits in a turn than half of your Physical Traits.”

With the following:

Unless otherwise specified, a character cannot spend more rage in a turn than one-third of their base physical traits (rounded down).

Extra Target: Rage can give a character the ability to perform extra feats during a physical challenge, allowing a character to target more than one character with a Physical Attack at the same time.  When making a physical attack (not a gift), you may spend Rage to target an additional target equal to the amount of rage you spend, up to your normal maximum Rage expenditure of one-third of your base physical traits.  You must declare your targets and spend your Rage before making any tests.  While all attacks happen simultaneously, each attack is resolved in its entirety before moving on to the next target and any effects potentially triggered by any of the attacks occur after all attacks are resolved, in the order the targets were attacked.

Extra Attacks: A Garou (or Fera who spends rage for extra actions the same way as a Garou), can also use Rage to attack with greater frequency and ferocity.  A Garou who has just won a Physical Attack Challenge in combat can spend a Rage Trait to make a second Physical Attack Challenge against the same target.  If this attack is a success, the character can follow up with a third attack, and so on, spending no more than his/her maximum rage expenditure of one-third of his/her base physical traits.  Note that the target creature may not choose to counter attack these extra attacks without also spending a rage, using the vampiric Discipline: Celerity, or other appropriate method of gaining extra actions.

Note from the ST:

Why did we change the Rage mechanics? 9 agg is dumb. Your face is dumb. Your sheet is dumb. We love you.


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