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Bonuses and Penalties Empty Bonuses and Penalties

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 17, 2016 2:52 pm

A character may only benefit from an increase to tempers, damage, health, or traits from a single instance of the source category.

For example, a character may not simultaneously benefit from bonus traits from two different gifts.  Bonuses gained from separate sources, such as the Gift Razor Claws adding +1 level of damage and the Fetish Fire Claw Carvings adding +1 level of damage do stack.  Should a character be under the effects of multiple fetishes/gifts/merits that give the same kind of bonus, the highest bonus is taken unless specifically specified otherwise by the player whose character is receiving the benefits.

Powers that give more than one benefit may be stacked so that the effects that do not overlap can be benefitted from simultaneously, such as the Rage gain from Silver Claws can be used in conjunction with the damage bonus and resistance to fire from Kiss of Helios.

Note that penalties do stack regardless of source.

Effects that double something, such as traits or damage, double the character’s base value before any bonuses or penalties are applied.

Effects that half something half the total value after all bonuses and penalties are applied.

Source categories include, but may not necessarily limited to: Form, Fetish/Talen, Gift, Merit, Totem, Tribal Advantage.


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