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Post by Admin on Wed Nov 09, 2016 1:14 pm

"If you could make a choice to change it all, would you?" The woman stood over the broken girl in the middle of the battlefield, features changing as quickly as thought. "Even if it meant the next world might not be any better than the last?"

The child's eyes were fading fast with her life's blood, pants coming quickly as she tried desperately to claim breath for her punctured lung.

The man with the crooked smile knelt beside her, giving her comfort in her last moments. Jade green eyes fought back madness and the old eyes seemed lucid for the first time in ages. He pressed a silver thread into the child's hand, closing her fingers around it. It cut her palm, the fresh pain bringing her thoughts back to the present. The child followed it with her eyes to the crumpled figure on the ground some distance away. "Go on and pull it. Unravel the web," the man urged. "What's the worst the could happen?"

With the last of her strength, she pulled, ignoring the outraged cries from the defeated creature. What WAS the worst that could happen, indeed?

In the ashes of a dying world, a broken child made a wish for a new one.

Welcome to the new age.

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